15 ottobre 2008

Hey Joe electro-acoustic version (feat. Donato Grassi).

A couple days ago, while checking my FaceBook, I challenged Donato Grassi, aka DDGuitar, to record our version of Hey Joe. Donato, who's a great guitar player and a good friend, accepted to play the guitar with me.

So he came to my crib, had a seat in front of my HandyCam, picked up my Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus and started kicking ass as usual.

I wouldn't be honest if I wrote that I made my best to play the rhythm with my Ibanez acoustic guitar-- let's say I tried not to do so many mistakes.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this take and post your comment on YouTube. Thanks for watching it!


I would like to thank Donato Grassi for delivering an intense, inspired vibe, and for being a trusted friend. All the best!